Mesail Cahaya Berkat (MCB) is a recently established foreign trade company in Indonesia which is understood by its name and deals with general import and export. We are a leading company for importing and exporting high-end products and services in Indonesia and beyond, providing clients a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to get the product they desire, whether foreign or local products.


To maintain a steady pulse in the market as a result of our active business cooperation with reputable companies in Indonesia and overseas.


To provide professional import and export services for client’s satisfaction, regardless of the size of their individual needs, always honoring our commitments and meeting our targets.

To deliver and serve our clients with the best of our abilities through the supply of best quality products and services at affordable prices to them.


MCB is a newly established import and export brand, situated in Indonesia, for the worldwide audience. We are committed to building an extensive business network that extends beyond Indonesia and reaches to the four corners of the world with the import and export of Electrical, Agriculture and Chemical products.

We are merchants in importing and exporting with worldwide bulk and value-added products to various clients in various industries and for various purposes. Due to our international connections, we are in the right position to help our clients’ source for the best products at affordable prices. We aim to become the preferred suppliers not only for products of Indonesian origin but also for products manufactured at reputable countries of the world.

As a company, MCB is suitably positioned to help our clients with all their general needs of local or foreign products. We are seen as a viable link where high-end, foreign electrical, agriculture, and chemical products enter into Indo-nesia, while also exporting products and goods produced in Indonesia to other parts of the world. We are open to building and enriching business relationships with prospective clients (companies, wholesalers, and retailers) who have a taste for quality products.