We are an Indonesia company who focus on import and export of Furniture, Agriculture, Chemical, and Electrical products.

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Our primary focus is on import and export of electrical, agriculture, and chemical products. All the products and services we offer for trade are renowned for their high-quality and their ability to deliver beyond the expectation of the clients. As a business, we want to be economically successful and command the import and export market for a long while. If you are looking for foreign products or products made in Indonesia, we are your right partner

Our Values


As a fast-rising company, we value our reputation, and we guard it with everything we have. This has warrant-ed that all the products we deal with are of the highest quality and internationally known. Through our reputa-tion and thirst for quality products.


As a merchant, we support our clients by going through the hurdles of sourcing for products on their behalf. We also ensure that the products pass through the right channels, obtaining all necessary documentation. This will save our clients and customers a lot of energy, time, and resources.


From procurement to quality testing, storage, packag-ing, and delivery, we have lined up qualified profes-sionals that will ensure that the best skills are deployed to handle all the stages involved in a way that is in line with our reputation.


All products that pass through MCB are noted for their high-quality. As a brand, we deal only with quality prod-ucts. That is why we consult widely before we conclude on a particular brand which we offer to our clients.




We are your right partner.